Terms of Service

Netseps Terms of Service

Effective 11/1/2006

File Preparation

Raster files are used for NetSeps separations. These are typically Adobe Photoshop files. Criteria for files which meet Netseps requirements are listed below.

Vector Files may be submitted for consideration. They are subject to review and possible edit charges. Files created in, but not limited to, Freehand, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Quark XPress and InDesign. Vector flies should be saved as Adobe Illustrator Ver 10.0 or Quark Express Ver 6.0. They may require additional editing time and will be charged accordingly. We will always contact you in advance of any editing charges for your approval.

IMPORTANT – If vector files are supplied, please make sure all fonts are converted to outlines and all linked files are included. Vector files are converted to Raster at 300 dpi.

A JPEG of the converted file will be sent to you for approval. This is very important as Vector-Raster conversion can result in unexpected design changes. We highly recommend you send us a pdf of the original image for comparison before we progress with the separation. We will not be responsible design corruption of converted vector files.

Quark Express files require all fonts and linked raster files to be included. Please include a pdf of the Quark file so we can compare final output to the pdf.

Customer files must be submitted according to the following guidelines:

1) The file must be in Photoshop (.psd) RGB format. Color Management should be set to sRGB. This format works on both Windows and Mac platforms and offers nondestructive compression for efficient file transfer over the Internet.

2) Avoid sending JPEG images as this file format irreversibly damages the image. We cannot be responsible for destructive artifacts which appear in a color separated image when it is supplied in JPEG or JPG format. If the file can be improved with editing, we will notify you in advance and obtain your approval of any charges necessary to rescue the file.

3) The image should be created with a background layer for the shirt color and the image artwork on a transparent layer floating over the background layer. Vector layers and Type layers need to be rasterized. The image should have all extra layers and channels flattened onto the single transparent image layer. Crop the image as close as possible. Extra space around an image increases file size quickly.

4) The image should be sized for 100% final output with a minimum resolution of 150 pixels per inch (ppi) and a maximum resolution of 300 ppi. While file resolution greater than 2.5 times the halftone dot count is thrown away as redundant, edge definition can be improved by using higher resolution. There is no point in sending files larger than 300 dpi. A resolution of 200 ppi is half the file size of one at 300 ppi and will generally deliver very good final print results.

5) Separations printed ONLY on black shirts should be submitted on a black background set to RGB values of 0, 0, 0. Files submitted without the appropriate background layer may be subject to additional charges to prepare the file for separation. In some cases we may not be able to extract the image from the background. We will advise you in advance if this is the case.

6) Be very careful of files that have "dropshadows." They can create big problems when separating for darks. If the file has dropshadows, and will be printed on black or darks, it is critical the image layer have a transparent background. This facilitates the generation of accurate underbase whites that fade smoothly into the garment. Files submitted in other forms WILL require editing at an additional charge of $65 USD per hour. We will contact you in advance for approval. The current version of the website will allow you to RESUBMIT files if you wish to make the corrections yourself.

Billing and Processing

We now use PayPal as our funds clearing agent. You can establish a free PayPal account linked to your bank account or credit card, or you can still use any of the major credit cards we support. You DO NOT need a Pay Pal account to work with us. We use PayPal as our payment processor because of their incredible security and the fact they have over 100 million accounts worldwide, more than any other payment processor.

We have made this change because of increasing Internet fraud. In the past we have stored sensitive personal and financial information on our Secure Servers. This has worked well and we have NEVER had an instance of the servers being compromised. With the switch to PayPay, we no longer store any of this information online where it might be vulnerable to hackers, virus, Trojan horse programs, or any other illegal means which could possibly compromise your security and personal information.

During our annual audit and review of our business practices, we determined PayPal offers higher levels of security and reliability than our past methods. For this reason, we have moved to PayPal in an effort to continue offering you the safest, most secure, and best payment processing option available.

When a job is completed, you will receive an email notification from us. There will be a link to the PayPal page where you can enter your information and pay for your file. Upon authorization, you will be directed to a download page to retrieve your finished file.

Once a file has been paid for, it will remain accessible on the servers for approximately 21 days. After that time, it will be archived to DVD and will require an Archive Search Retrieval if you need a duplicate copy of the file.

Only current agents for your company will be allowed to access archived information. We will never release files to anyone other than current, active personnel from your firm. This means former employees or customers cannot contact us for previously done work on your behalf.

Finished separations are delivered via the Internet as a completed file in psd format. You also receive a completed Print Specification Sheet in pdf for which is readable on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe.com)

You can access your Job History to see the invoice for every job we have done for you. Simply Log-In and choose View Account History. Click on the Job Name. This will bring up a description of the job along with all charges associated with that job. This is a permanent feature of the site and allows you to quickly view everything associated with any job you choose to view.

We DO NOT recommend vellum from a toner laser printr. We off you calibrated laser imageset film to eliminate your in house imagesetter from the list of variables which can effect your final print quality.

All additional orders are priced according to the 30 day guidelines detailed above. Your free order would count as the first order during the 30 Day period.

Overnight shipping for domestic delivery is $40.00, international delivery is quoted per job. Please contact us for details. Please notify us if you wish to use Ground or Std Super Saver Air. You will be charged accordingly.

Service Cancellation

NetSeps service plans DO NOT incur monthly expenses and therefore do not need to be cancelled. You are only charged when you use the service.

Technical Support

Color separations provided through NetSeps include guidelines for printing light and dark color separations and suggested ink colors. For further details or specific questions, please contact the Netseps staff at: support@netseps.com or call 800 826 8372 in the US and Canada or 01 805 541 1521 for International accounts during Pacific Time business hours of 8 am – 5 pm (GMT-9).

File Rework

Reworking or "fine-tuning" of separations is NOT part of the plans, however it is INCLUDED with the "High End Custom Separation" Option. Separation rework or file editing time may be purchased directly from NetSeps at $65.00 USD per hour. For details, please email us at: support@netseps.com

Optional Film Output

Film output of any separation up to (15.7” x 21.7” or 40cm x 55 cm max.) may be purchased from NetSeps for an additional cost. Please see our Pricing Plan for specific charges. Additional shipping costs will be applied. Please see our pricing page for current film output prices.

Copyright and Protected Artwork

When you submit artwork for us to color separate, you represent you have legal permission from the original copyright owner to do so. You further agree to Hold Netseps Harmless in the event of a copyright reproduction dispute.

Netseps believes that all people have a right to be free of any form of harassment and oppression, and in particular, sexual harassment. Netseps reserves the Right to Refuse artwork which may be deemed demeaning, insulting, intimidating, or sexually suggestive.

This is not a restriction of our customers’ Right to Free Speech and does not reflect an Opinion on the part of Netseps taking a position relative to the content of any artwork. Rather, we are maintaining our Right to be in conformance to governing California and U.S. legislation prohibiting works which may be demeaning, insulting, intimidating, or sexually suggestive to our employees.