Netseps Pricing Plan Effective 4/1/2014 NetSeps TruColor Separations

NetSeps pricing and discounts are based on customer usage in their Account History. We look back on how many separations have been purchased in the last 365 day period to determine the price discount.

Our pricing is based per separation, regardless of the number of colors in the finished file. All separations include up to 25 custom color corrections to the basic separation. If additional critical color corrections are required, they are charged at $1.00 per correction. If additional corrections are necessary, we will contact you in advance for authorization. Color corrections are most ofen necessary to the underbases to assure the image will look the same on multiple color garments. Printing on Lights or Black usually do not need additional correction.

$115.00 USD for the 1st separation,
$95.00 USD for the 2nd through 9th separations,
$70.00 USD for >10 separations in the past 365 days

As long as you use 10 or more separations in the previous 365 day period, you will always be paying $70.00 USD per separation.

This rewards regular customers for their continued usage and technical improvement. We have found that it takes us far less time for experienced customers than for those just getting started with us. We pass on those efficiency savings to you in the form of lower price per separation.

Finished separations are delivered via the Internet as a completed file in psd format. You also receive a completed pdf Print Specification Sheet which is readable on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from two files are zipped and uploaded to our servers where you have access to them for download.

High End Custom Separations

These separations are produced from complex graphic files usually done in Quark Express or Adobe InDesign. They contain mixed vector and embedded raster files. They may require complicated edits, resizing, resampling, and so on. They also include images that must match collateral printing (posters, flyer, website graphics). If this is the case, we would need a physical copy of the other material we need to match. Another common example would be the need to match multiple Pantone specific colors in the image as in corporate sponsor logos or similar.

When you create your new job, make sure you tell us it is a High End separation. We will quote you when we open and evaluate the files. There is no way we can give you an accurate estimate in advance of complete file evaluation.

Make sure all linked files and fonts are included with the primary file. All elements should be in a folder which has been Zipped or Stuffed. Upload the compressed folder the same way you normally do.

High End Custom separations include ONE round of corrections. The price per color ranges between $15 USD and $25 USD, depending on complexity, size, and edit time required for preparation.

Rush Service

Every printer is faced with Rush Jobs. We will make every effort to accommodate Rush orders when we can. The charge for Rush Service is 100% of the base Netseps Rate for that job. Rush Service is available for 48 hr or faster turnaround WHEN we can accommodate you. Since we are a 100% Internet driven business, we have no way of knowing what our daily backlog of work will be at any given time.The best advice is to Call or email in advance of creating/uploading the job to determine if Rush Service is possible.

Search Archive

We archive all work done by Netseps to DVD after approximately 30 days on the server. If you need a duplicate copy of your work in the future, we can accommodate your request. The charge for Archive Retrieval is $50 USD if the original order was placed within the last 24 months and $75 USD if the order was done more than 24 months prior.

On Site Job Creation

Files sent to us on CD, DVD, or other media or files Emailed require a $25 USD charge to create your job on the Site. We are spending our time to Upload the details to your account. It is necessary for your order to be in the database and for us to process and charge your account. You can avoid this charge easily by using the Add a New Job feature in the General User panel after you log-in to your account.

Edit Time

Edit time to correct damaged files, drop backgrounds, or repair JPEG damage (when possible,) is $90 USD per hour. We will always notifiy you in advance of any work being done for your approval.

Payment Processing

We use PayPal as our funds clearing agent. You can use a PayPal account OR your Credit Card for payment. If you would like to use PayPal but do not have an account, you can establish a free PayPal account linked to your bank account or credit card. You DO NOT need a Pay Pal account to work with us. We use PayPal as our payment processor because of their incredible security and the fact they have over 110 million active accounts worldwide, more than any other payment processor.

We have made this change because of increasing Internet fraud. In the past we have stored sensitive personal and financial information on our Secure Servers. This has worked well and we have NEVER had an instance of the servers being compromised. With the switch to PayPay, we no longer store any of this information online where it might be vulnerable to hackers, virus, Trojan horse programs, or any other illegal means which could possibly compromise your security and personal information.

During our annual audit and review of our business practices, we determined PayPal offers higher levels of security and reliability than our past methods. For this reason, we have moved to PayPal in an effort to continue offering you the safest, most secure, and best payment processing option available.

When a job is completed, you will receive an email notification from us. There will be a link to the PayPal page where you can enter your information and pay for your file. Upon authorization, you will be directed to a download page to retrieve your finished file.

Once a file has been paid for, it will remain accessible on the servers for approximately 30 days. After that time, it will be archived to DVD and will require an Archive Search Retrieval if you need a duplicate copy of the file.

Only current agents for your company will be allowed to access archived information. We will never release files to anyone other than current, active personnel from your firm. This means former employees or customers cannot contact us for previously done work on your behalf.